Variable Speed Drive and Motor

Name:Single Phase Variable Inverter
Materials:engineering plastic
Rated Current:12A
Input:1PH AC 220V 50HZ/60HZ
Output Voltage Regulation Mode:PWM control

-Spacing 2.54mm bar connector, 5-pin plug.
-DC cooling fan low noise, long life, large air volume.
-Three anti-paint protection lines, improve and extend the life of the fuselage.
-The machine is screwed to ensure the safety and reliability of the use.
-The operator panel can be moved out and extended by 2M, 1M, 30CM.


Universal IE1 0.09kW (1/8HP) three phase 4 pole B3 Foot mounting 56 frame AC Induction Motor for 230V or 400V 3 phase supply. Suitable for use with a Variable Frequency Inverter Drive having 1ph or 3ph input and 3ph output, or a fixed frequency three phase mains supply at 50Hz.

Output: 90W (0.12HP) x 1360rpm at 230V or 400V x 50Hz 3ph.
Speed Range from an Inverter Supply: 15:1 Range from 136rpm to 2040rpm for 5Hz to 75Hz, when de-rated at the lower speeds.
Constant Power Speed Range:  1360rpm to 2040rpm continuously.

Full Load Current with links in Delta for 230V 3ph: 0.78A.
Full Load Current with links in Star for 400V 3ph: 0.45A.
Torque: 0.63Nm at 50Hz.
Efficiency: 52.00% (IE1)
Power Factor: 0.59 when mains connected at 50Hz.
Terminal box cable entry: Includes 6 x M4 Studs and 1 x M16 Gland.
Terminal box position: Top.
Enclosure rating: IP55.

Dimensions: 117mm wide x 196mm long x 156mm high overall.
Mounting: Foot mount on 6mm holes at 90mm wide x 71mm centres 36mm back from the shaft shoulder.
Shaft: 9mm diameter, 20mm long with 3mm key.
Construction: Aluminium
Weight: 3.20kg.

Ambient Temperature: Rated to 40°C.
Ventilation space is required at rear cooling air intake.
Over-Temperature Detection: not included.