Pressure Transducer (MB300 ), has an integrated stainless steel construction. The inlaying circuits transform millivolt signal into standard voltage, current and frequency signal. It can connect to computers and controlling instruments directly, and be chronically used in severe environment.

MB300 provides a variety of pressure ranges and electrical interfaces, which has high anti-vibration and impact resistance. It is widely used in process control field of petroleum, chemical industry, pumps and compressors, general machinery, hydraulic/pneumatic systems, power, boiler, natural gas etc.

Pressure range -0.1~60MPa
Overpressure 200%FS
Pressure Type Gauge pressure, Absolute pressure
Accuracy ± 0.5%FS(typical)
Long-term stability ± 0.2%FS/Y
Zero temp. drift ± 0.03%FS/c
FS temp. drift ± 0.03%FS/c
Operation temp. 0~45c
Storage temp -40~125c
Compensated temp. -10~80c
Insulation resistance 100MΩ /250V
Power supply 9VDC~36VDC
Output signal 4~20mA, 1~5V
Housing SUS304