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The fastest way to grow your business with the leader in Technology. Being close to the market means we become a stronger and more reliable partner.
About Us

Your Number One Supply Chain Partner.

We serve all economic sectors including Manufacturing, Health, Construction, Mining, Residential, & Municipalities.

Applied Controls Technology was incorporated in 2014 as a supplier of engineering spares and consumables. We are located at number 106, Dartford Road, Willowvale Industrial area Harare.

We have an excellent supply chain of leading international brands, that enables us to provide a wide range of best quality products, on time at the best price. Being close to the market means we become more customer-centric, and a reliable partner. Being able to recognise local market demands and dynamics reinforces our basis of being a value-added partner and supplier.

Our financial target system focuses on profitable growth for our trading partners, driven by efficiencies in our procurement strategy, that delivers cost savings for our customers. We have an expert team that that will help you find the perfect product from our wide range of trusted brands, to get your next project delivered on time, efficiently and within budget. We serve all economic sectors including manufacturing, construction, mining, residential & municipalities.

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