TROVIS 6493 Compact Controller is a digital controller to automate industrial and process plants for general and more complex control tasks. Suitable for control of continuous, on/off or pulsing final control elements (pneumatic actuators with i/p positioners, additional electric actuators, electric heating systems, refrigerating machines etc.)


  • By setting the functions and parameters, the controller can be adapted to a control task quickly.
  • The controller settings are saved in a non-volatile memory, even when the power supply fails. Special features include:
  • Configuration using the controller keys or the TROVIS-VIEW 4 software
  • Two analog inputs with filtering, root extraction, function generation and signal monitoring. One binary input with selectable function
  • Two relay outputs for on/off or three-step output or limit alarms
  • One transistor output for fault alarms
  • Infrared interface for configuration
  • Plug-on screw terminals
  • Degree of protection (front) IP 65
  • Two internal set points and one external set point (fixed set point control and follow-up control)
  • Set point ramp and output ramp
  • Control signal limitation
  • Linking of input variables (addition, subtraction)
  • Operation with code number or control key locking by binary input