Where water temperature control must be precise or water is required to be at safe skin contact temperature (45°C) e.g. childhood centre, schools, old peoples homes, hospitals and institutions for people with psychiatric or physical disabilities.

  • Fail safe shut down, controls temperature, factory set to 45°C.
  • Outlet temperature adjustable 35 – 60°C.
  • High flow rate, 40 L/min at 500 kPa.
  • Forged, high quality and corrosion resistant, DR brass body, nickel plated.
  • Integral no-returns means valve is ideal in ring main installations.
  • TMV 20 has internal chamfer to suit compression fittings – no union required.
  • TMV 20BV comes with right angle ball valves for easy testing, maintenance or replacement.
  • TMV 20 & TMV 20BV both have integral, 250 micron/60 mesh filters to ensure no debris enters the valve.


  • TMV-20 strainers (60 mesh, 250 micron)
  • TMV-20-BV strainers (60 mesh, 250 micron) & isolating valves
  • Factory set to 45˚C
  • Min. setting 35˚C
  • Inlet water pressures 50 to 1600 kPa
  • Outlet temperature adjustable from 35 – 60°C
  • Maximum inlet temperature 99°C
  • Stored water temperature must be at least 10°C above the thermostatic valve setting and above 60°C (G12)
  • Min. differential between hot supply and set temperature 10°C
  • Max. supply pressure 1600 kPa static, 500 kPa dynamic
  • Flow rate 40 L/min at 500 kPa
  • Max. pressure imbalance between the hot and cold supplies 5:1