Nmt A-labeled circulation pump 25-40-180

Inexpensive quality pump with low energy consumption.

The A-labeled NMT 25-40-180 circulation pump is suitable for an ordinary one-family house. The A-mark is the most efficient and intelligent circulation pump that automatically regulates the heat demand and thereby saves energy from power consumption to the pump and unnecessary circulation of hot water.

The circulation pump has a construction length of 180 mm. Fits in the same 11/2 ”glands such as Grundfos Alpha2 and UPS 25-40-180. The circulation pump has a lift height of 4m which corresponds to the need for a normal one-level house.

Every year you can save a lot of money on the electricity bill by replacing your old circulation pump with a new A-pump. Replacement to an A-labeled circulation pump can save you up to 80% of the current pump’s consumption.

Older circulation pumps run at full power all the time
An older circulation pump runs at full power all the time – even if it is not needed.

The A-pump works only when it needs to.
The new A-pumps are efficient and intelligent. This means that they can feel when turning the radiator down and automatically adjusting to the changed need, among other things. in connection with the seasons changes. An A-pump works only when it needs to, and therefore saves electricity consumption and thus money.

When replacing your old step-regulated to a self-regulating A-labeled circulation pump, it is possible to apply for energy renovation grants.

Power consumption: 5 – 25W
Max flow: 2.6m3 / h
Max pressure: 10bar


Connecting thread 1 1/2 “
Insertion 180 mm