Grundfos Alpha 2 25-40-180 circulation pump

‘When the Grundfos Alpha2 circulation pump came on the market, it set new standards for both functions and not least energy consumption to circulate liquid in heating systems with an unprecedented high degree of energy efficiency. The engineers at Grundfos have now upgraded the Alpha2 pump with new functionality that further increases reliability. 
Alpha2 pump is lying on its own but inside and inside things have happened. Grundfos has added features that ensure homeowners even more intelligent solutions.

New features are:

  • Summer function – The pump motions once a day and thereby protects the pump from becoming stuck after prolonged standstill.
  • Dry running protection – Ensure long life even under difficult operating conditions
  • Anti-blocking – Seamless operation minimizes the need for service

With its proven Grundfos technologies, the new Alpaha2 Circular Pump offers unmatched energy efficiency and is therefore the perfect choice for your medium temperature heating system down to 2 ° C.

The Alpha2 pump is so intelligent that you do not have to worry about setting it, the pump just needs to be installed and run at the factory setting AUTOADAPT, then the pump itself will constantly analyze your heating system and find the optimal setting for your heating system

Can replace the following models: 
Grundfos UPS 25-40-180 
Grundfos Alpha 25-40-180 
Grundfos Alpha + 25-40-180 
Grundfos Alpha2 25-40-180