PTFE coated glass fiber fabric is made of high performance glass fiber fabric impregnated with PTFE emulsion. It’s designed for varieties of applications in diverse industries where high temperature, non-stick, chemical resistance and dimensional stability characteristics.

We manufacture many styles of PTFE coated glass fiber fabrics from 0.08mm to 1mm thick. Our PTFE coating percentages range from 15% to over 60% by weight.

We offer PTFE coated woven fiber glass fabric and PTFE coated glass fiber open mesh fabric.

* PTFE coated woven fiber glass fabric: tightly knit glass fiber yarns weaved fabric as substrate material, which is coated with PTFE (Teflon) emulsion.

* PTFE coated glass fiber open mesh fabric: glass fiber open mesh fabric as substrate material, and it is coated with PTFE (Teflon) emulsion.


* High-temperature resistance(-100℉ to +550℉).

* Non-sticky and easy to clean.

* Food grade and nontoxic.

* Heat resistance and fireproof.

* Resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acid and alkali.

* Good dimensional stability, high strength, and has good mechanical properties.

* Low friction coefficient (0.05-0.1), the best choice for oil-free self-lubrication.

* Light transmittance up to 6%~13 %.

* High insulation property (the value of dielectric constant is only 2.6, and the value of tangent is less than 0.0025).

* Anti-static and Ultraviolet-proof.