Ultrasonic meter for demanding applications

SonoMeter™ 30 is a compact ultrasonic meter for measuring both heat and cooling consumption at the entrance of the building or within district energy networks. It can be configured for both supply and return and offers up to 11 years of battery lifetime.

The meter is MID Class II B+D certified.

Technical data

  • Size | Flow:  DN15 – DN50 | Qp 0.6-15 m3/h
  • Temperature | Pressure: 5-130°C | PN16/25
  • Types: Compact meter (heat, cool and combined)
  • Approvals: MID class II B+D (heating)
  • Flow sensor cable length: 1.5m | 2.0m | 3.0m | 5.0m
  • Temp. sensor cable length: 1.5m standard (replacable and approved for up to 10.0m)
  • Configuration options: 
    • Pulse input/output values
    • Tariffs
    • Display parameters
    • Archive logs
    • MBus settings
    • Set dates
  • Data logging: 3 years and supports daily logs
  • Calculator: Separable and IP class 65
  • Modular: 1 slot for communication modules+
  • Communication:
    • Wired and Wireless M-Bus
    • Pulse in-/output
    • RS 485 Modbus
  • Power:
    • Battery AA-cell 3.6 VDC
    • Mains unit: 230 V AC | 24 VAC

Features and benefits

  • Multiple communication options available, e.g. for building automation purposes

  • Comes with pulse in-/output as standard

  • High dynamic range (1:250) improves measurement accuracy even on low flow rates

  • Mains power with battery back-up secures no data loss even if power is lost

  • Can be used in glycol applications (not MID certified)