Large size flow meter for commercial applications

Sono 3500 CT™ is an ultrasonic flow meter designed for heating, cooling or combined heat/cool applications in larger sized local and district energy systems. Combined with a type approved heating/cooling energy calculator (e.g. InfoCal™ 9) it offers energy metering capabilities in larger applications.
The sensor is MID Class II certified.

Technical data

  • Size | Flow: DN100 – DN1200 | Qp 60 – 9000 m3/h
  • Temperature | Pressure: Compact: 2-120°C / Remote: 2-200°C | PN16/25/40
  • Types: Flow meter (heat, cool and combined). Compact or remote version
  • Approvals: MID class II B+D (heating)
  • Flow sensor cable length: 5.0m | 10.0m | 20.0m | 30.0m
  • Flow measurement: Bi-directional
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Communication: 2 Pulse outputs
  • Optical interface: IRDA with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Power:
    • 115 / 230 V AC with 3.6V single backup battery
    • 3.6V battery with dual 3.6V
      backup battery

Features and benefits

For high and very high temperatures applications

Remote version for very high temperature
applications enhances the meter lifetime
and lowers replacement costs

No pressure loss reduces pump power
and energy used for circulation