A proven, safe and simple solution to arsenic removal challenges.

GFH® ferric-based media ​is a specially designed adsorbent media based on granular ferric hydroxide. It is specifically designed for the removal of arsenic (arsenate (As+5) and arsenite (As+3) from water and can remove other heavy metals as well. The arsenic removal requires no preconditioning or pre-oxidation. Applied in a down-flow packed bed configuration, it is easily applied to municipal wellhead applications.

GFH media is available in parallel or series pressure-vessel system configurations, depending on the removal requirement. For flows greater than 500 GPM, Evoqua’s HP® Series systems are available in simplex and duplex standard configurations. For flows, less than 500 GPM, Evoqua’s Vantage® PTI Series systems are available in simplex, duplex, or triplex standard configurations. These systems are pre-engineered, pre-assembled, and factory tested to minimize installation and startup time.​

For arsenic removal applications where the client cannot incur a capital expense for a treatment system, Evoqua offers integrated equipment and service combinations (temporary or permanent), thereby minimizing a plant’s capital investment and reducing overall space requirements. Temporary installations are also available through our mobile fleet, providing the ultimate flexibility to add or remove treatment capacity as your business grows or compliance limits change. This option also saves valuable manufacturing space while minimizing your maintenance and installation requirements.

Once exhausted, spent GFH media can be disposed of via landfill and classified as a non-hazardous waste after passing a TCLP test. Evoqua can provide full media exchange services and disposal assistance in GFH media applications.