Would you like to eliminate unnecessary pump failures for your application? Would you like to improveyour facilities energy efficiency and create a quieter and cleaner work environment for your employees?

Graco’s Husky e-Series pumps will help you achieve all of those items:

  • Patent pending technology allows pump to stall under pressure preventing pump failures from clogged lines or closed valves.
  • Energy efficient electric drive reduces energy consumption up to 80% compared to traditional air operated diaphragm pumps.
  • Seal-less diaphragm pump design eliminates leaking and failures due to run-dry pump conditions.
  • All FDA compliant fluid sections and tri-clamp connections for accelerated cleaning and minimal down time.
  • Ability to stall under pressure for dispensing or filling applications without need for a circulation line.
  • Gentle pumping for shear sensitive materials.
  • Durable pump construction handles particulates and abrasives in material without damage to pump.
  • Worry free pump design without rotateable seal prevents leaking and need for flushing.

Our Husky e-Series pumps are ideal for applications that require low pulsation and a smooth flow. The air charged drive allows for the elimination or reduction of pulsation WITHOUT expensive pulsation dampeners or surge tanks.

Durable Pump Technology

  • Handles slurries and abrasives all without damage to the pump.
  • Gentle on shear sensitive material.

Diaphragm Pump

  • Runs dry
  • No rotating or moving fluid seals
  • Self priming

Electric Drive

  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs
  • Increase pump control
  • Accurately meter fluid

Fluid Section

  • Create the pump you need with multiple material offerings for manifolds, seats, balls, and diaphragms

Patent Pending Air Charged Drive

  • Increase diaphragm life without compromising your fluid
  • Ability to minimize pulsation on fluid outlet
  • Stalls under pressure without additional switches and controls

Motor Options

  • Operate on 120v, 240v or 480v power
  • Available in AC or Brushless DC
  • Hazardous location motor options available