• Efficiency
    The optimised regeneration process of the Watermark series systems, allows to save more water and salt than traditional systems.
  • General characteristics
    These systems are composed of PRFV Greentank bottles with internal distributors, and a salt tank made of polyethylene with enough capacity for several regenerations. It is also equipped with a safety valve. High-capacity, food-grade GreenResin resin. Silex distributing base with different grain sizes to optimise the distribution of water flows.Watermark Series 655 Valve made of heavy duty Noryl:
    · Waterproof Valve: Water resistant.
    · 1 1/2” connection, up to 650 litres of resin.
    · Easy maintenance.
    · Horizontal piston.Watermark Series Plus Programmer with multi-coloured, interactive display:
    · The menu is composed of indicating icons.
    · Multilingual display: English, French, Spanish and German.
    · All systems are factory-configured. All working parameters can be configured.
    · Holiday Mode: It allows to select a period of time in which the system will carry out small washes without consuming salt, to keep the system in good condition.Standard Programmer (Simplex equipment):
    · There are several types of operation available: chronometric, metered delayed, immediate or mixed.

    MTS Programmer (Multiplex equipment):
    · Different types of operation can be chosen, such as parallel or alternate, in function of the flow demand.