Individual flow sensor for most common applications

SonoSensor™ 30 is an ultrasonic flow sensor designed for heating, cooling or combined heating/cooling applications in medium sized local and district energy systems. Combined with the InfoCal™ 9 energy calculator it offers normal compact meter functionalities for medium sized hydronic applications.

The sensor is MID Class II certified.

Technical data

  • Size: DN15 – DN100 | Qp 0.6-60 m3/h
  • Temperature | Pressure: 5-130°C | PN16/25
  • Types: Flow sensor (heat, cool)
  • Approvals: MID class II B+D (heating)
  • Flow sensor cable length: 1.2m | 2.5m | 5.0m
  • Power: Battery AA-cell 3.6V | mains unit 24V AC | 230 V AC
  • Communication: Pulse output acc. to EN1434-2, type OD
  • Protection class: IP65 (IP67 upon request)

Features and benefits

Offers a 12 year battery lifetime lowering
the replacement costs

Measures volume every 1 sec. increases measurement accuracy

Insensitive to dirt lowering the needs for replacing the sensor

Low pressure loss