Minder Water softener

Minder is an ultra-compact equipment, designed to offer the maximum comfort during installation. ¡You can even place it under the sink of your kitchen!

A range of water softeners exclusively designed for the modern home.

Minder is a functional equipment and has been designed with the latest energy-saving technologies.

Thanks to its logarithmic volumetric system, it offers different capacities which allow it to adapt to any installation and offer the highest performance with the maximum possible salt and water saving.

Thanks to its intelligent programming, Minder takes into account the consumption peaks and performs micro-regenerations every day to avoid running out of softened water at home. At the pre-set time, Minder will perform the full regeneration and thus it will be ready to fulfil its new cycle.

Its highly reliable control valve and an operating system with all its mobile parts coated with Teflon, guarantee durability and prevent premature wear.

Minder provides more water and a higher flow rate in less space.

It has been designed to be easily installed in those places that our competitors are unable to reach and to offer the maximum comfort both in salt loading and maintenance.

Its ultra-compact, double thickness cabinet makes it a durable and almost indestructible equipment.