• Low and high (mains) pressure systems
  • Any application where filter, non-return and isolating valve are required
  • Compact 3-in-1 valve (filter, isolation and non-return) with high flow rates
  • No tools required to service the valve, all servicing is done with supply on
  • Forged, high quality and corrosion resistant DR (Dezincification Resistant) brass body
  • Machined, assembled and 100% tested in N.Z



  • 60 mesh (250 micron), stainless steel filter
  • Non-return check valve cartridge
  • Maximum inlet pressure:
    • Plastic Cap: 1000 kPa [145psi] @ 40°C
    • Brass Cap: 2000 kPa [290psi] @ 99°C (FSBC20 only, FSBC15 rated to 65°C)
  • Minimum temperature: 1˚C
  • DR (Dezincification Resistant) brass